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TheCollaboratory launches The Salle Collection inspired by AS IF Magazine's collaboration with Scarlett Johansson X David Salle

by Scott Fishkind |

As the 4th-highest-grossing worldwide box-office actor of all time, Scarlett Johansson is not only one of the most valuable performers of her generation, but was also the muse for AS IF Magazine’s cover shoot and collaboration with artist David Salle has now launched THE SALLE COLLECTION, a rare, limited-edition capsule collection inspired by the collaboration between Salle and Johansson featuring dresses, scarves, decorative pillows, and poufs all bedecked by imagery and motifs from David Salle’s hit London exhibition, Musicality and Humour. Each limited-edition item is numbered, authenticated or signed by the artist. 

Salle art directed the leading actress in a series of dynamic photographs shot by AS IF Magazine editor-in-chief Tatijana Shoan depicting Scarlett not only living and interacting within Salle’s contemporary paintings, but also modeling several dresses from the collection designed by fashion designer Peter Hidalgo in connection with Salle's paintings. 

The world of fashion is not unfamiliar to Salle, as his father owned a fashion boutique when he was growing up. Fashion and fabric became Salle's canvas, which is now available to the general public here on TheCollaboratory. 


David Salle for AS IF Magazine


Read the interview in AS IF Magazine here.